Newborn Photography

Over the past few years I have had quite a few shoots with newborn but never felt comfortable offering them out to every one, I couldn't figure out why and then one day I realised they just simply weren't my style. I just couldn't gel with the backdrops, outfits and poses - it wasn't natural and authentic like all of my other work and so I simply said no to it .. that was until I found lifestyle photography! 

This style of photoshoot is very relaxed and natural, held in the comfort of your own home so you don't have to worry about packing away all of the nappies, bottles and everything else you have to bring along for those 'just in case' moments! - You can literally sit on your sofa and chill with a cuppa while I capture some beautiful memories for you! 

I also like to think that having the shoot adds to the realness of the photographs, knowing that this tiny baby will one day look back on these photographs and think 'wow this is what our house was like when I first came home' .. or they are probably more likely to say 'look how young Dad looks there!' 

In terms of which package to book, I will only allow newborns for a 60 minute portrait shoot, and this is to make sure we have enough time to get lots of different photographs, and don't have to rush if the little one isn't ready to settle. If we have a sleepy baby we will definitely be done in an hour - but I do always plan extra time for newborn sessions just in case they take a little longer to settle.


I like the sessions to feel as relaxed as possible, so we will work together to see which photographs Mum and Dad want of their new bundle of joy, and then will slowly work through them, stopping as often as we need for nappy changes, feeding or just a little break! 


I like to do a mixture of baby on their own, focusing on all of the little things you are sure to miss - like how small his toes were and her cute little button nose. Then I also include natural photographs with Mum, Dad and any brothers or sisters too if they want to join in!