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10 Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date In Lockdown

Postponed Not Cancelled

I know so many couples are struggling at the moment, having to postpone their wedding date and dealing with the stress and heartache over it all! So this week I thought I would share a few ideas of how to make the most out of this situation and still make your original wedding date special! I always like to look at the positives in a situation, your original date may be special to you and you've spent so long building up to it - so you should celebrate!! Your wedding day will come, and I'm sure the wait will be worth it!

So here's a few ideas of how you can celebrate your would have been wedding day whilst we're in lockdown:

1. Look back on your memories together

You may have been caught up in wedding planning, spending your evenings working on your table plan or DIY-ing favours that you haven't spent much time together doing the things you love. So why not take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on all the amazing times you have had together during your relationship - You could even create a memory book from the time you met up to now and all of the adventures you've been on together!

2. Write letters to each other to open in the morning

Lot's of couples write each other cards or letters to read on the morning of their wedding, so why let a lockdown stop you? It's such a lovely way to show your love for one another and really say how you feel, you could even wait until your new wedding day to open them.

3. Video Call your family & friends

One of the best parts of a wedding is to be surrounded by your closest friends and family - and celebrate together! So why not ask your wedding party and close family to get dressed up, pop open the bubbles and get on a zoom call together! You could even do a few speeches while you're at it too!

4. Have a mini photoshoot!

I love taking photographs at any big moment in life, so ofcourse this would be in here! Why not get dressed up and take some amazing selfies together (If you want some tips of how to take great couples photographs at home send me a message!!) - You could even have a facetime shoot with your photographer, or ask for a doorstep photograph!

5. Go on a memory walk, or just to somewhere special

Getting out of the house is a big event these days, so you could definitely use this time to do something special! If you live near where you got engaged or any other big moments in your lives why not go on a little memory walk together and reminisce!

6. Cook an amazing meal

If you have planned to have canapes, steak and profiteroles on your big day then why not try and recreate it for your original wedding date!! It'll be fun to cook together, and if you're not the best chef's will make for some funny memories - or you could always cheat and just order in an amazing meal from a local restaurant!

7. Decorate your home with wedding flowers!

If the flowers you have dreamed of are no longer in season for your new wedding date you could decorate your house with them now! You could contact your florist and see if they could put something together for you, so your house will look and smell beautiful too!

8. Stop the diet and eat cake!

This was a tip from one of my Bride's who have postponed their wedding this weekend, they are stopping the wedding diet and eating cake!! I thought it was such a great idea, you could even contact your cake maker and see if they could do you a mini version for your celebration! Who doesn't like cake??

9. Create a signature cocktail

If you're one who loves a tipple, then you could get creative and create your own cocktail! There are so many different recipes online, and you could even serve it on your new wedding date for all of your guests too!! I'm sure you could come up with some creative names for them!

10. Do your first dance in your living room and dance the night away!

There's nothing better than having a little dance at home, so put your first dance song on and have a moment together! You could then get a virtual DJ or band on and just dance the night away!! That with your signature cocktail is sure to make for a great evening!!

I hope you are all staying safe and positive in this difficult time!!



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