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5 Tips for Taking Your Own Newborn Photos

Capturing memories will be beautiful no matter what you are taking them on!

As so many people are having to miss out on getting professional newborn photography, I thought it would be helpful to share a few tips of how you can take your own photos at home!

I won't delve into the techy side of things here, so will try to keep things simple so you can take some lovely photographs on your phone or camera! - And if anyone would like some personal tips or feedback then let me know because I would love to help!!

Find the Light

To really get the best quality in your photographs finding a space with lots of natural light is the most important step, near a big window will work really well. Then when you are taking photographs of your baby try to face them towards the light.

Use a Blanket as a Backdrop

A really simple way to create your own backdrop is to lay a blanket over a sofa. I use stretchy fabric which looks best when pulled tight but if you have something with some texture that will look really lovely just draped along the back. Then get down at your baby's level and photograph them from the side, or from above looks really lovely too!

Focus on the Details

Their tiny little toes, fingers & curls - these little detail shots are my favourite to capture!

Try to look at things really closely, see if you notice something you never did before and photograph that! I also like to think about what will change, your children are always growing so by photographing their little fingers and toes will save these tiny baby memories forever!


One on the main rules I try to stick to when photographing babies is to never shoot up their nose - simply because it makes for some unflattering photos and we don't want those! So try to position yourself either above or at the same level of your baby and point your camera down their nose.

Use Self Timer

Photographs of you with your newborn are just as important as them alone, so get involved too! Either take it in turns taking photos or balance your phone on a window sill and use the self timer. Find a well lit spot and hold your baby so that their face will be showing in the photograph and then look at them and interact as you would if you weren't posing for a photo!

I really hope this has helped, maybe sparked a little bit of inspiration to capture some memories of your baby at home! If you do decide to pick up your camera then please share them with me by tagging @gracenicolephotography or @studiobygracenicole - I would love to see your work!!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about photography then let me know!!

Thanks for reading! 



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