Christmas Gift Guide

9 days to go!!!

Christmas is just around the corner now, and as I have been planning my own gifts this year I thought it would be nice to share a few ideas I've had - especially photography themed gifts.

As I'm sure you've heard before photographs are so much better in real life, and as most people tend to forget to get their own printed, by giving them the gift of a photograph you are ensuring these moments and memories are cherished and actually looked at rather than hidden away on a computer, phone or USB.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to say that if you would like to use my printing service for any of your photographs, the deadline to get orders in before Christmas is the

20th December!

Anyway on with some ideas..

A Framed Print

This is always an easy but really personal present, just pick a lovely neutral frame for your loved one and fill it with a photograph you think they will love! Be it a photograph of their first grandchild, a natural photo from your wedding day or the first family photograph you've had professionally taken. It's also a really special gift as it can go up on a shelf and be looked at over and over again for years to come - which I think is so lovely!!

Recover Old Memories

Coming from a person who has 14,000 photos on their phone alone.. getting photographs printed out and not lost in the abyss of the cloud is so important! I am always trying to remind myself to sort through them and get them printed (there's so many places online now that make it so easy too! - I've been using a month subscription this year where I send them direct from my phone and get my favourite photographs printed out each month and it's so lovely to have a collection of photos I know won't be lost when I inevitably run out of data!) but aside from this I know my family also has boxes and boxes of old prints and even negatives which are never looked at! So I thought a lovely idea would be to get the photographs scanned in, blown, up or just put into a frame or book as a gift for someone to reminisce over!

Also this is actually a photograph I found from my Grandma & Grandad's wedding which I think would be lovely in a frame!!

Recreate old photos

I haven't actually done this myself yet but have seen it online and think it's such a fun thing to do! Find an old photograph which you love, get together some clothes that look similar, get in the same position and pull the same faces you were back when you were 5 year olds - then put the photographs side by side and jot down years they were both taken. You can get frames which have slots for two photographs which would be perfect for this - a lovely and funny gift for parents or grandparents! I'd love to recreate this photograph of my sisters and cousin having a water fight - as my parents still live in the same house I think it would be so fun to get them together and take the same photograph!!

Make an Album

Either design one and get it printed or buy a scrapbook and make your own from printed photographs - it can be photographs from a specific trip, your family, your wedding day or the past year. Simple pick your favourites and put them together and it's as easy as that! I just think that watching your loved one flick through the pages on Christmas day and smile at all of their memories will be so lovely!!

Personalised Bauble

I actually used photographs like these of my nephews last year (which I took through the Christmas tree) to create little personalised baubles which also doubled as their Christmas presents as I filled them with sweets and a ticket to a trip away - also my Sister can keep them for the tree every year too! You can buy these little sets quite cheaply online and all you need to do is print out the photograph, cut it out and pop it in the bauble! I think it would also make the perfect gift for a newborn's first Christmas too!!

A Gift Voucher

For a photoshoot with me!! .. or if you know someone who has had a photoshoot with me or I photographed their wedding you can also buy vouchers for them to put towards products from my store - which includes prints, framed prints, albums and canvases!

If you would like more information about these or would like to buy one head to www.gracenicolephotography.com/gift-vouchers

I'd love to hear if you have any more gift ideas in the comments!!

Thanks for reading!