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Studio Photography Is Back!

If you've been following my Instagram page dedicated to my Studio photography (@studiobygracenicole) then you will know the exciting news that...


You will be able to book a photography slot at my home studio from July 1st!! Yay!

So alongside the big announcement I wanted to answer some commonly asked questions about these studio shoots and share a lovely 1st birthday shoot from earlier on this year too!

What type of shoots do you you?

My studio shoots are perfect for little ones from newborn all the way up to age 5, and you could include siblings and pets too! I like to keep the set up very minimalistic so the photographs will look perfect in your home no matter what your decor style is. However, you do have the option to bring decorations for your shoot if you would like to.

Will you do a cake smash shoot?

Yes I have photographed cake smash shoots before and loved it! (even if it is a big clean up job!) I do ask that you supply the cake though as then you can choose the style and design yourself.

Can I bring my own decorations?

Yes! I am happy for you to dress up the shoot as much as you wish. So if you would like to keep it very minimalistic with no decorations then you can or if you would like to add balloons, banners, tissue balls, buntin, or any other props, you can bring them along and we will incorporate them into your photographs!

Where is your Studio Based?

My studio is based in Burbage, Leicestershire. It is a home based studio set up, in my kitchen - so you can relax with a cuppa while I capture some beautiful photographs of your little one!

How do I book or check availability?

Each month I set aside 4 days in which the studio sessions will be available to book, these will include both weekday and weekend dates. You can simply send me a message for the month you are interested in having your photoshoot and I will then let you know which dates I have available. Once we have chatted about what photographs you are looking for you can then reserve a slot by paying a 25% booking fee.

How will you make sure it is safe?

As I know safety is so important at this time I have a few routines in place including cleaning all surfaces, props, and the whole area thoroughly before and after a shoot, I will keep a distance when shooting and can wear a face covering if required, and I will also open the doors and windows to outside to keep a flow of air in the area.

How long does a shoot take?

I plan for all shoots to take around one hour, however in some cases it may take a little longer (especially for newborn shoots as we may need to take time to feed, change outfits, etc.)

How will I receive my photographs?

You will now receive all of your digital files, copyright free and available to download via a private online gallery. I also have a range of prints, wall art and albums available to purchase which can be purchased directly through your online gallery.

Thanks for reading!

If you would like to book a shoot then get in touch!!

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