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Wedding Planning In Lockdown

We can still tick things off our to do list!!

Does anybody else feel like life has been put on pause? Because I definitely feel the same! Especially when it comes to wedding planning, before we went into lockdown we were looking round venues and chatting about our big day all the time, then the craziness hit and we haven't even said a word about our own wedding! … and I'm sure we aren't the only ones!

Over the past week or so we have started getting back into wedding planning, and at first I just thought surely there's not much I can do at the moment .. but after doing some digging there is so much wedding planning that we can still do, no matter what stage you are at!

So today I am sharing a few of the things you could be getting up to during this time.

1. Venue Virtual Show Rounds

I know how sometimes you just want to walk around a venue to get a real feel for it and to see if it is perfect for you, and obviously as we can no longer do this I have seen a few venues with virtual online tours. A few I know have them available are Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands, Mythe Barn and Cripps and Co Venues. But if you have your eye on a particular venue you could always send them a message and ask if they could video a venue walk round for you, or have a facetime show round.

2. The Wedding Party

If you have chosen your wedding party but not asked them yet, you can still do so even from a distance! Give them a gift and ask them on the doorstep, or have a virtual night in and ask them over a few gins!

3. Up Your Pinterest Game

I'm sure we're all guilty of having Pinterest boards full of thousands of different ideas, and when it comes to a wedding this can make you feel a bit overwhelmed. So why not spend time refining your boards and get some real inspiration in there! It could be a DIY project you a sure you could do, a few snaps of your favourite suppliers work or some planning tips you want to abide by - now is a great time to use that amazing website!!

4. Research Suppliers

If you are only just getting into planning your big day, then now is a great time to focus on choosing your suppliers - from styling, florists, hair, makeup, stationery, travel. Most businesses have lots of examples of their work online and are happy to chat and answer questions. I would suggest sticking to looking at one area of your wedding planning at a time to help with the overwhelm, set yourself a challenge to book one supplier a week and before you know it everything will be sorted!!

5. Wedding Dress Shopping

I know this is a difficult one as you do want to try a dress on before committing to buying it, but so many shops have the styles of dresses they have instore available to view online - so you could have a browse online and find a dress style or shape you love then hit up a dress shop who stock it as soon as you're able to!

6. Video Meetings

What ever stage of wedding planning you are at, booking in video calls with your venue or suppliers can really help you - if you would have been meeting with them now then why not do it over video?

Bonus: You can wear pyjamas on your bottom half and they won't even know!

7. Listen Live

If you've booked a DJ, band, singer or musician check out their social media and see if they are doing any live streams - and if not send them a message and ask if they would consider it! I couldn't think of a better way to have a great night in, enjoy some good music and maybe you will find a new song that you love this way too!

8. Learn something new!!

I'm sure we've all thought about DIY wedding projects at some point, whether its calligraphy, baking or something digital. If you believe you could do it (and enjoy it) then why not spend this time learning and practicing for your big day!

9. Get Writing

One for the men here - you will kick yourself when you look back and realised you had so much spare time to write your speech but still left it until the night before!! .. and the same goes for if you're writing each other letters, you could start thinking of what you want to say now, or even every time your partner does something you love pop it in a note on your phone!

10. Keep Celebrating!

This one is definitely the most important! Just because we are social distancing doesn't mean we can't have a good time together, if your hen do, stag do or wedding day has been postponed you can still celebrate in so many different ways! You could do a stag virtual quiz, Hen virtual bottomless brunch and I still celebrate with your closest friends and family! If your wedding day has been postponed, I have shared lots of ideas here for how you can still celebrate!

I'm wedding planning too, so if you have any other ideas let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,



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