Couples Photography

Couples shoots, or engagement shoots as I will sometimes call them are far from the cringey, fake proposal, awkward shoot you probably think they will be. 

I get asked a lot 'what is an engagement shoot? Do I have to get down on one knee again?' - and quite simply the answer to that is no. I don't photograph you pretending to propose again, I will take photographs of you and your loved one in a natural and authentic way, so that you have some lovely memories to look back on (which aren't weirdly angled selfie). 

We can work together to find poses and locations where you feel comfortable, and honestly I will just capture how you are together naturally, so if you are really lovey-dovey and want photographs kissing then go for it!! .. or if you are the complete opposite and couldn't think of anything worse, that is totally fine too! - Just be yourselves and I promise you will love the photographs you have at the end!! 

I am happy for you to pick the location of your shoot, so if there is a special place where you would love to have photographs then just let me know and I can scout it out, or I do have a few favourite locations that I can recommend too! These are lovely local spots which provide a gorgeous backdrop for your photographs. 

These shoots can be bought as a portrait package or alongside a wedding package, so if you are interested, or unsure of what will work for you, then just get in touch and we can have a chat!!