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5 Reasons to Love an Intimate Wedding

We may have been forced into having Intimate Weddings, but it doesn't mean they can't live up to your big wedding dreams!

Today I wanted to share some positivity and give a few reasons why small and intimate weddings are really great! I have been so lucky to photograph a few recently and have absolutely loved them, so here's what's to love about an Intimate Wedding!

1. More Relaxed

This one starts before your wedding day, as with a large wedding comes a lot of planning. So by keeping things small it can minimize your planning duties and allow you time to relax in the build up to your big day and not stress over the small things! Then once your wedding day arrives, you may still feel the nerves of walking down the aisle but with a smaller guest list means you can chill out and just take in your day without the worries of keeping all of your guests happy!

2. More Time

Most people really don't look forward to all of the family photographs that come with a wedding day, but an intimate wedding means you can dedicate this time to the other things you love! That may be having more photographs as a married couple, or getting another round of drinks in before the speeches!

3. More Budget

An obvious winner is saving some dollar, but this also means you might be able to spend some more money on other things you couldn't fit into your big wedding budget! Did you want some gorgeous bespoke accessories? - Get them! Did you want to treat everyone to canapes? - Get them! Did you want to go all out on a honeymoon? - Do it!!

4. More Detailed

By having fewer guests, it means you can focus on them and treat them as much as possible. The idea of having to make 10 perfect wedding favours is so much simpler than making 100! You could even give out personalised favours!

5. More Personal

Ofcourse having just a few of your closest family and friends there makes the day feel so much more personal and intimate than a giant guest list - you can select everyone you really want to spend your day with and actually have the time to talk to everyone who is there and enjoy all of your guests!

Thanks for reading!

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