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Five Reasons Why... You Should Have An Engagement Shoot

Today I really wanted to share this gorgeous Engagement shoot that I shot recently and the stunning Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens - honestly everything was perfect including there amazing dog who is a model in the making!! I thought I would team these photos up with a few reasons why an engagement shoot is really beneficial - and as the weather is nice at the moment and I have a lot more availability for these shoots it is the perfect time to book in!

1. Practice for the Big Day

Now I know most people aren't a big fan of having their photos taken and feel ridiculous or awkward, but I actually see this as a positive reason behind getting some engagement photos taken. When you combine the nerves of the big day added with the unease of having your photograph taken all day long it can feel like a lot, so if you have already been in front of the camera and know what to expect then it can help a lot with the overwhelm and hopefully give you some confidence too! With an engagement shoot you will be able to get all of your anxiety and stress out of the way and realise that it really isn't as daunting as you think it will be! And you get the added bonus of beautiful natural photographs when your big day comes around as you will both be so comfortable in front of the camera!

2. You get the chance to be Creative

An engagement shoot is such a good way to show a bit of personality and capture the real essence of your relationship, be it where you both first met, had your first kiss, got engaged or just simply a location you both love. It's also a great opportunity to test out some crazy photo ideas you have without the time constraints of a wedding. We can style and shoot your photographs to reflect your love for one another and create memories that you will truly love forever as they reflect who you are as a couple!

3. You can get to know me

When you book a wedding photographer it's a pretty big deal, you're choosing this person to be with you from your morning nerves all the way through to your crazy dance moves, so you really want to make sure you are happy with who that person will be and feel comfortable with their shooting style and love the final photographs too of course!

4. I can get to know you too

Of course it's also very important that I have the chance to get to know you both too! An engagement session is great for me as it gives me an insight into your relationship and lets me plan how to best capture that. I will be able to see how you both act in front of the camera and how much direction you might need, and it also gives us the chance to talk about the type of poses, lighting and other stuff you like in photographs, so that I can really capture personal photographs that reflect who you are and your relationship with one another.

5. You will have lots of lovely photographs

I'm sure you'll agree that the biggest positive of having an engagement shoot is all of the beautiful photographs you will receive at the end of it. Whether you want something to look back on years from now with an abundance of nostalgia or you're looking for photographs to use in your stationary or for a guestbook on your big day. I could write the biggest list of ways you could use these photos!

I hope this has helped, I will be sharing some popular questions and answers about engagement shoots in a separate blog post so if you have any questions then let me know!!

Thanks for reading!



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