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The Best of 2023 - Grace Nicole Wedding Photography, Leicestershire

I always do a roundup post on here over new years but wanted to mix it up a little bit this year and share some of my favourite moments and suppliers from 2023 wedding season instead!

We may be well into January now and summer 2023 feels like a distant memory, but I couldn't miss up on the chance to share these beautiful photographs! - so enjoy!!

Best flower girl

Not only was this little girl the cutest but she took her job title very seriously and made sure Mummy's beautiful wedding dress was always looking perfect! She was also the sassiest little thing, providing lots of laughter in the morning and just had the best day playing on the swing, sipping "champers" on top table and dancing the night away!

flower girl holding brides train

Two flower girls covering eyes as Bride and Groom kiss
Two children on swing

Two children holding hands on busy dancefloor

Most Beautiful Wedding Decor

Having worked with the ladies at Make It Special Events quite a few times before, so when I found out that they were styling Abbie & Mike's wedding I knew it would look gorgeous, and that is certainly did! Such a simple theme but I absolutely loved the pop of red florals alongside the pinks, whites and greens!

Memorable Weather

Let's be honest, we had a lot of rainy days this wedding season and although I did get some gorgeous rainy shots.. I have to say the combination of this beautiful veil on super windy day just made for some of the best photographs! Us photographers and videographers are usually trying out all sorts of tricks to get the veil to blow and look like this, so to just have that naturally was amazing!

Best First Dance

Okay so if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this one coming! Easily the best first dance of 2023 has got to be Daisy & Owen's! (I may be a little bias with this one as I used to dance with Daisy) but the pictures show you just how incredible it was! With twirls, lifts, spins, the lot.. it was such a fun dance and really set the evening off to a great start!

Most Stunning Flowers

I have to say that Rebecca at Bijoux Floral absolutely smashed this wedding set up - it was so so beautiful I don't even think the photographs can do it justice! My favourite has got to be the garland along the balcony, which cascaded down over the Bride and Groom as they said their vows and during the wedding breakfast too! It was the perfect backdrop for a perfect day!!

Most Fun Guest

When people ask me about the best wedding I have photographed I always struggle to choose one, as no matter how beautiful the venue or styling is I really believe it's the guests that make a wedding day.. and this lady was definitely one of those! Such a good atmosphere at Katey & Nathan's wedding day and when the football came out I couldn't miss this photo opportunity of Grandma in goal!!

Best Entertainment

Last year I had the pleasure of capturing quite a few singing waiters and to be honest they are all amazing and really get the atmosphere going! but I had to say my favourite was the team at Surprise Shows who surprised Melissa & Aaron's wedding guests and got everyone up and dancing - and even doing the conga around the room!

Favourite Natural moment

One of my favourite parts of wedding photography is capturing little natural moments that are unique to that couples day, and this one is easily one of my favourites from 2023! I usually try to get a posed silhouette photograph of the Bride & Groom in a church doorway but to capture this one naturally was just perfect! After they had just walked back down the aisle together Alice & Harry stopped in the doorway and took a couple of minutes to themselves just looking out at the rain falling and taking it all in!

Best Wedding Cake

Back to Abbie & Mike's wedding for this one with their beautiful wedding cake from Cotton & Crumbs, this was one of those cakes that didn't even look real it was so perfect!

Favourite Personal Touch

As I said before I love to capture the parts of a wedding that make it unique to the couple, so when there are little personal touches added I think they are such an important aspect of the day! One of my favourites from last year was the music at Jas & Michael's wedding, in particular having the Groom's brother and other family friends playing Irish music as the Bride walked down the aisle. It was a lovely nod to Michael's family history, and they followed later on in the day with amazing Dhol players to represent Jaskiran's family too - the perfect way to represent two families coming together (and get everyone up and dancing too!)

Funniest Moment

This one was a hard one as there were a few to choose from, but when I think back this moment that made me laugh out loud while I was taking these photographs. I won't go into too much detail but during their group photographs with Grandparents, beautiful Bride Melissa came out with something that was, let's say, a little but blue (and very unexpected) and the reactions were even more hilarious - the look of shock on their faces!

Best Dancefloor

One thing I love on a wedding day is a good dancefloor and Alice & Harry's did not disappoint! From the moment the dancefloor was open it was full of carefree guests throwing the best shapes .. and the best part is they didn't even have a DJ! Alice and Harry had compiled their own wedding mixtape for the evening, and it worked as the dancefloor was full all night!

That's all for my little roundup from 2023! Hope you have enjoyed taking a look at some of my favourite moments and suppliers! and here's to 2024!!


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