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Twenty Twenty

The year that nobody was expecting. We had zoom weddings, tears under visors and hand sanitising at every opportunity!

I always do these yearly round up posts as they are always a great way to share everything I have been up to and just reflect on how much has happened in the previous year, obviously this year was just a *little* bit different than previous years.. but having looked through all of the photographs I have taken this year I can't help but see the positives!

Even though it's been such a difficult year, lots of weddings were postponed and family shoots weren't allowed to go ahead (which lead to me taking photos of my baking because I missed my job so much!) - there was still so much that did go ahead, things worth celebrating and looking back on with joy!

Smaller weddings did go ahead and were filled with so much love and appreciation that they felt so much more special! I captured some memories of this moment in time with the doorstep shoots. I met lot's of lovely families and newly engaged couples for photoshoots in the Summer.. and there were plenty of newborn babies to photograph too!

Another positive is that the extra time gave me the chance to work on new opportunities - I was able to build on and improve my studio newborn photography and branch out into Branding photography too! This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and loved doing!

So after this crazy year I wanted to share my favourite moments to have been able to photograph and just say thank you to everyone who has supported my little business this year!!!