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What to expect for your Newborn Studio Shoot

After recently updating a few of my newborn set ups and getting some lovely new props and colour options I wanted to share more information about what you can expect before, during and after one these lovely little studio newborn photoshoots I do at my home in Burbage, Leicestershire. I also absolutely love these photographs of little Noah from my most recent shoot and had to share them!

Before Your Newborn Shoot

  • As soon as you contact me about your newborn session I will always be here to prepare for your shoot and answer any questions you have. I will initially send over some information about how my newborn sessions run and then we can chat lots over email or the phone and discuss your shoot in more detail.

  • Most people tend to book atleast 2-3 months in advance to secure their session with me, however I do usually have last minute availability.

  • Once you book I will simply pencil you in my diary for a date around the time you are due and then once baby has arrived we can finalise a date and time for your newborn shoot.

  • I will try and book you in before your baby is 10 days old, as that is when they are most sleepy and easier to photograph - however if this is not possible for any reason and your baby is a little bit older then that is absolutely fine! (Baby Noah in these photographs was 14 days old at his shoot).

  • Before your shoot I will always be on the end of an email or phone call so if you ever have any questions or concerns then you can easily reach me.

On the Day of Your Newborn Shoot

  • As a general rule I tend to start newborn shoots at around 10am as that seems to work best for most babies.

  • I will have a very loose plan prepared for your shoot based on what we have already discussed, so while you are settling in and getting relaxed we can go through the different set ups, colour schemes, etc.

  • The whole shoot will be driven by the baby so if they are sleepy and happy then that is great, and if they want feeding, nappy changes or just cuddles then that is totally fine too - your little one will definitely be calling the shots here!

  • As I work from a home based studio your shoot will be in a comfortable and relaxing environment, so if you would like a cuppa, to go and feed somewhere in private or to warm up milk it is all possible!

  • I always factor in up to three hours for every studio newborn session, as every single one is different. So prepare to be with me for a few hours, and don't worry if we need to take lot's of breaks and the day is passing us by (the photos will be worth it!!).

After Your Newborn Shoot

  • For me editing the photographs is just as important as taking them - looking back through all of the images is one of my favourite things (there are lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' going on).

  • I will choose up to 50 of the best photographs from your session and edit them individually in my signature style. You will receive every photograph in both colour and black and white.

  • Once your photographs are ready they will be available for you to download within 1 month via a private online gallery. The photographs will be high quality with no watermarks attached, and there are no limits on how many you can download - the full gallery is included in the price.

  • I also have an online store where you can order prints, wall art and albums from your shoot - and you will receive a 25% discount in the store for the first 7 days of your gallery going live.

  • Your online gallery will stay live for one month, so you have plenty of time to share with your friends and family before they are taken offline.

So that's all the in's and out's of how a studio newborn session works! If you have any questions or would like to get booked in then get in touch!!



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