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A Bundle of Joy and Furry Love: Teddy's Studio Newborn Photo Session

Today, I'm very excited to share this gorgeous studio newborn shoot - Meet Teddy, his amazing parents and their gorgeous four-legged companion (who may have stole the show!)

I had met Teddy's parents earlier for Mummy Sophie's studio bump shoot, and from the minute they stepped foot through the door it was like I was welcoming in an old friend! So I was super excited to see them again once little baby Teddy had arrived - and it was just as lovely as I had hoped!

I got to capture Teddy all snug and sleepy in his swaddles, he was the sweetest little newborn - and when we got out the tiny knitted Teddy for him to hold my heart just melted!

We also focused on some family photographs with both of Teddy's parents individually and all together - and ofcourse some with their dog too! They were actually really nervous about bringing the dog but she was so well behave throughout the whole shoot and made for some perfect photographs! I'm a huge dog lover, so love to include the whole family in the shoot - but I have to be honest she definitely stole the show away from Teddy a tiny bit!!

The session was a perfect blend of natural moments and carefully curated poses, resulting in a gallery that radiates the love and pure joy of welcoming a new baby into the world! From the tiny details of Teddy's delicate features to the candid interactions between his parents and their furry friend, this was such a beautiful shoot to capture!

If you would like to book yourself in for a studio bump or newborn shoot - then get in touch!

Thanks for reading!




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