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Your First Year: Capturing the Magical Moments of a Little Girl from Bump to First Birthday

Today, I'm beyond excited to take you on a beautiful journey through the first year of this gorgeous little girl's life. I had the pleasure of photographing little Maeve from when she was still in her Mummy's tummy all the way through to her first birthday celebrations - and I've been so excited to go back through her photographs and create this post!

Bump's the Word: Anticipation & Excitement

It all began with a shoot focusing on a beautiful Mum to be and her incredible bump!

There's something I really love about photographing an expectant mother, celebrating what their amazing body is creating and capturing such an important time in their life! These were made even more special as we got Dad involved in some photographs too, capturing their love for one another and anticipation of their growing family!

Newborn Bliss: A Bundle of Joy Arrives

The newborn session was a cozy affair filled with soft blankets, the sweetest, tiniest toes you could ever imagine and a very awake little baby! - we tried to get her to sleep but she wanted to be awake for her shoot! It was so beautiful to capture some memories of Maeve so tiny, and capturing memories with Mummy and Daddy in these early days of parenthood is so special too.

Sitter Session: Personality Unleashed

As the little girlie started to sit up and explore the world around her, I had the pleasure of capturing her sitter session (at around 6-9 months). This type of shoot quickly became a solid favourite of mine - capturing her infectious giggles, the sparkle in her eyes and seeing her little personality developing was so lovely!

Turning One: Cake Smash Extravaganza

And then came the grand finale—her first birthday cake smash! Not quite walking yet, but definitely up and on the move.. this is where the parent's end up working harder than me to get their little one to stay in one spot, but giving her a whole cake to destroy definitely helped with this!

Looking back through this journey of Maeve's first year it just makes me appreciate what I do so much, and also the amazing people who give me the privilege of capturing their growing families. One of my favourite things is to watch the little ones grow over time, and get to know the families as friends who I catch up with every so often!

From the anticipation of new life to the messy joy of a cake smash, every session was such a joy to photograph.. and I'm sure I'll be seeing her again for a Christmas shoot too!

If you would like more information on my studio shoots then get in touch!

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