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Studio Sitter Session - Why you should book one!

So you've had those all important newborn photographs taken and you're thinking - what's next?

Let me introduce...

Sitter Sessions!!

These shoots take place when your child is around 6-10 months, they are able to sit unaided but aren't up and walking just yet. It's the perfect chance to capture their little (or not-so-little) personalities, their squishy thighs, gorgeous giggles - and ofcourse not forgetting the big beautiful eyes!!

These shoots are so fun to do, it's basically a little play date - I've got some lovely wooden toys they can play with, we can sing along together and see Mum & Dad do some crazy dance moves.. and capture a few photographs along the way too!

If you would like some more information or to book your Sitter Session then Get in Touch!!

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