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Home vs. Studio Newborn Shoots - Which is Best for Me?

Since I started offering both newborn shoots in the studio and at home shoots I have had a lot of questions about which one I think is best, what the differences are and how the photographs will look after. So let's take a look at both styles of shoots, what the photographs turn out like and the pros of having the different styles.. so hopefully by the time you've finished reading this you will have a clearer idea of both shoots and which one will work best for you and your family.

Studio Newborn Photoshoots

Studio photoshoots are a lot more of a clean and polished look than if you were to have a shoot at home, but I still like to keep them very natural and focused on the baby and family rather than any crazy posing or props. I have a neutral grey and white colour scheme with backdrops and tend to encourage this for clothing too as it draws the focus onto your baby more - which is what the shoot is all about!

These shoots take place at my home studio set up in Burbage, Leicestershire. I set up the studio in my kitchen (with a little bit of rearrangement) so you can sit and have a cup of tea and relax while I snap away. There is also access to a downstairs toilet and the living room is just next door - which is perfect if you're bringing along an older brother or sister and need to keep them occupied, Disney films always go down a treat!

I have a few different set ups in the studio, usually starting with a white fabric backdrop on top of a little bed for the baby to lie on and then I take that away and use the textured grey backdrop and a basket to put the baby in. I have a range of coloured fabric wraps and headbands for your baby, and only ask that you bring baby in a white vest and an outfit of your choice if you wish to have family photographs.

I don't force parents to be in photographs, so it's completely up to you if you would like to have portraits taken alone with your baby and as a family, or if you would just like to be in the photographs a little bit - like a hand cradling baby's head. There is a lot more focus on having photographs of your baby alone with this style of photoshoot, whereas the at home sessions are much more family focused - but that isn't to say you can't have family photographs in your studio shoot!

I also allow for more time with a studio shoot, as we are laying baby down on their own and want them to be nice and relaxed this can take more time with feeding and cuddling breaks.

At Home Newborn Shoots

In comparison to the studio, these newborn shoots take place in the comfort of your own home and so give a more natural and warm feel through the photographs. The focus of these shoots is more about your family as a whole, I tend to take some of your baby on their own in their crib or I can bring along a basket if you wish. However the majority of the photographs will include you as parents interacting with your baby on your own and together as a family - this can include just going about your everyday life so if you want to feed your baby, or do family story time I can capture everything as naturally as possible.

A benefit of an at home newborn shoot is that you can feel a lot more relaxed, you don't need to worry about packing a bag, all of the preparing and stress of leaving the house with a newborn and forgetting anything or being late. Everything that you would need is right there as you are in the comfort of your own home - so if there is a poo explosion or we need 5 outfit changes you don't need to worry!

Also if you have other children they can do their own thing and play with their toys until they are needed for photographs, or they may give me a tour of the house and all of their toys too which has happened in the past! I find a photoshoot with siblings runs a lot smoother in their own home as they feel more relaxed and there are more opportunities to get them involved and interested in what is going on.

A final benefit to having this style of shoot is the personal aspect of having your home as the backdrop to your photographs. Something I really value in photography is how they tell a story of a moment in the past - so I love to think about how the photographs will be looked at in many years when your baby is grown up and they can see the home that they grew up in and what everything looked like back then.

Hopefully that has helped to give more clarity on the differences between a studio and at home newborn shoot, and which one is perfect for you!

If you would like to get in touch to book a photoshoot or have any questions then you can get in touch on my contact form, or email me at





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