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5 Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding photographs are such an important part of your day, not only will your photographer capture your first kiss, funny speech moments and all of the family photographs for Grannie's mantelpiece, but why not ask them for some photos that are a little bit different! They don't need to take much time away from your day but can easily be your favourite photos of the day! So here are a few ideas from past weddings that I love, share any ideas you have for fun wedding photo ideas in the comments!

1. Expelliarmus!

One for all the Harry Potter fans! Even if you don't go all out on a theme, you can bring your wands with your on the big day and have a good duel during your couples shoot!

2. Go Super Romantic

If you can't have a super romantic moment like this on your wedding day, then when can you? It's the perfect time to live out your dreams of being in one of those cheesy romance films!

1. Here come the Boys!

The groomsmen like to make an entrance too, so make sure you tell your photographer so they can catch them in action - even better if you have a videographer who can do a good slow motion shot too!

4. Focus on the rings

A close up photo of your wedding rings after the ceremony make for such a great memory of your wedding day - They're super simple, take no time at all and really capture what the day is about! Adding in a pinky promise like this is so cute too!

5. Dance Off!

Get everyone up on the dancefloor in the evening and start a dance off between your guests! - It will be so much fun and get some great photo opportunities too!

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