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Summer Engagement Shoot in Leicestershire

I am loving these little heatwaves we keep having, it's making me think back to all of the beautiful summer shoots I have done - including this beautiful Summer Engagement Shoot. Keeley and Josh decided to have an engagement shoot to help them get rid of any nerves and worries about having their photos taken before their big day arrives, and I think these photos just go to show how you may feel awkward and nervous initially but those feelings go away so quickly after a few clicks of the camera! There were so many giggles and lovely moments!

Why did you choose this location for your shoot?

We really wanted somewhere that looked like it was just us and nobody else! We live over an hour away and didn’t know the area so went off grace’s recommendations and wasn't disappointed.

How did you feel before your shoot? Had you had a photoshoot before?

We were a little nervous as we didn’t know what to expect and it’s not every day you have someone taking pictures while you smooch! Grace made us feel so relaxed and at ease and now we have beautiful pictures to show off to everyone on our wedding day and wedding website.

What time of year did your shoot take place? Was there a reason behind choosing this time of year?

Mid summer- after lockdown!! We wanted our pictures to be in the summer. We also wanted to use these on our wedding website so managed to pull forward our appointment to July ready to send our invitations at the end of August. Everyone has commented on how lovely they are and how nice it will be to look back on them in the future.

How did you feel during and after the photoshoot? Did it go how you expected?

We had such a lovely day and glad the weather held off! It was nice to catch up with Grace and see all the different shoots she had been doing during the time in lockdown. We were so glad that we had this before our wedding as now we know what to expect and know what sort of pictures we would like.

Is there any advice or tips you would give to others having a photoshoot?

100% have one before your wedding. The first few pictures we can tell we looked a bit awkward so wouldn’t have wanted those in our wedding album! Have fun and make each other laugh as they are the best kind of pictures!

... and here's a little sneak peek to their wedding day which I will be sharing in a full blog post very soon!!

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