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Winter Engagement Shoot to Summer Wedding

My plan this week was to share Bethany & Will's gorgeous Winter Engagement Shoot, then I thought why not share some of their wedding photographs alongside them too!!

I love seeing the comparison of the engagement shoot to the wedding day, not only in the pictures but for me to see how much more comfortable they become too!!

As with most of the couples I photograph, before their engagement shoot they were very apprehensive about what to expect, and ofcourse, how awkward they would feel! But once we had started chatting, took a little walk to find the best spots and tried out a couple of different poses, these two were like pros!! They were so relaxed with each other and infront of the camera (I felt like they forgot I was even there at some points!) - so then cut to their big day there were absolutely no worries about having their photos taken because they knew exactly what to expect!!

The Engagement Shoot

The Wedding Day

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