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Wedding Tips: Throwing Confetti

Did you know the tradition of throwing confetti started in Italy with sweets being thrown at carnivals and parades, which then became a wedding tradition when guests started to throw rice over the newlyweds as a symbol of fertility and prosperity!!

These days the married couple are covered with paper confetti or dried petals instead (definitely much nicer than a handful of rice to the face!)

Today I wanted to share some of my top tips when it comes to confetti!!

Which Type of Confetti to Choose

The most important thing to check when choosing your confetti is that it is eco-friendly, obviously we want to look after the environment and you can get beautiful biodegradable confetti these days!!

You can choose from biodegradable paper confetti, these can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. A company I recommend are Proper Confetti who offer a huge range of both paper and petal confetti in so many different colours. Paper confetti is a great option if you really want your photographs to be full of confetti, they show really well and stay up in the air for longer too.

Then the other option is real petals, which again you can have in a variety of sizes and colours, I find that the colours of petals are a lot more muted than paper - but they do create a real delicate look to your confetti photographs. A company I recommend for dried petal confetti is Confetti Direct - Not only do they have lots of different options, you can also create your own bespoke mix, and they sell gorgeous baskets and cones too!

One last note before choosing your confetti is to check with you venue what they allow.

How Much Should We Get?

My motto is - you can never have too much confetti!

Give your guests a big handful and your photos will be amazing! As a guide, for my own wedding we had over 100 guests and bought 380g of paper confetti and this was more than enough and make our photographs and video look amazing!

Before your wedding day assign some of your wedding party the job of handing out the confetti, making sure they know to give everyone a decent handful to throw when you walk out. You can provide it in little cones or bags, or a really easy way is to fill a basket and ask guests to take a handful as they leave the ceremony.

Where Can We Throw It?

Again this is another thing you will need to check with your venue. Most ask that it is outside or they will have a designated area, I also know some venues which are also working farms also allow you to throw inside as you walk back down the aisle too!

Usually a great shot is to create a tunnel so down a path or outside the doors of your venue, but if there is less space available we can get everyone gathered around to throw all at once!

Most importantly - enjoy the moment!

I've never seen a confetti moment at a wedding where anyone isn't smiling and laughing - it's such a beautiful way to start of the celebrations after your ceremony! So enjoy it!!

I hope these tips help you with your wedding planning! If you would like to chat about your upcoming wedding then get in touch!



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