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Baby Shoot at Four Months Old

This gorgeous girl came to see me earlier on this year and had her 'newborn' shoot at four months old!! This was due to her being born during the lockdown and so wasn't able to have any professional photographs taken until we were allowed to reopen.

Obviously this is a little different to the norm of having a newborn shoot within the first few weeks of your little ones arrival but it really shows that you can have a lovely shoot at any age! Just because your baby has passed the super tiny newborn stage doesn't mean that you can't have a professional shoot!

If anything these photos are even cuter because they really show her little personality! She wouldn't stop looking at me the whole time and gave the cutest smiles!!

As Grace was our wedding photographer in April 2019, we felt relaxed for our shoot due to her kind and calm nature. We were also excited as we knew we would love the pictures.

What time of year did your shoot take place? Was there a reason behind choosing this time of year? July - Alecia was 4 months old. Due to lockdown, we were unable to have one earlier but we were actually really happy we had one at this point as it showed more of her personality than a newborn shoot would have.

Did you bring anything with you for your photoshoot? Bunting that was made by a friend and a peter rabbit cuddly toy which was the first thing we bought when we found out we were expecting.

What was your favourite photograph from your shoot? Alecia is laying down on her front looking towards the camera on a cushion. I like this one as it’s so simple with no colour.

Did your shoot go as expected? Yes, it was lovely. We didn’t feel rushed to get the pictures in and were able to feed Alecia when she was whining for food. Grace was able to suggest ideas and ask us if there was anything else we wanted to do.

Is there any advice or tips you would give to others having a photoshoot? Still consider a newborn shoot at 3/4/5 months old as you get to see their character and personality!

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